Tax Policy, Budget Cuts Pose Health Risk to Kansas Children

By Amanda Gress Director of Government Relations Kansas policymakers’ refusal to revisit deep income tax cuts has once again harmed the health of Kansas children. In May, Governor Brownback announced a 4% reduction in reimbursement rates for KanCare, the state’s managed-care Medicaid program. These choices will ultimately make it more difficult for Kansas children covered by KanCare to go to … Read More

No regrets.

By Shannon Cotsoradis KAC President & CEO   Few tasks are quite as daunting as writing a parting blog after nearly two decades at an organization. But on a recent visit to an early learning center in Seattle, I found my inspiration in a quote on the back of a bookmark that was a gift from one of the center’s … Read More

GUEST BLOG: Preschool funding

By John Schmader Retired brigadier general with the U.S. Army As a retired U.S. Army brigadier general, I know well about investments in our nation’s security. I think Gov. Sam Brownback’s proposed budget jeopardizes one of the most critical investments for our state and country’s future: early childhood education. In Kansas, seven out of 10 young adults ages 17 to … Read More

GUEST BLOG: Early education a national security issue

By William A. “Art” Bloomer Retired brigadier general with the U.S. Marine Corps The military is my life. For 31 years I served active duty in the Marines and have since continued to support our country’s national defense. Over the course of my career, I have flown more than 300 combat missions and participated in the operation to evacuate Saigon … Read More

That’s a wrap: KAC staffers look back on their favorite gifts

With 2014 wrapping up, the KAC team would like to end the year by spreading some holiday cheer. This is the time of year for giving and making memories: whether it’s giving your child their favorite game, taking a long awaited family trip or remembering that time your cousin ate a little too much pie. Here, we share our favorite … Read More

Looking back on our school days

Summer’s coming to an end, and that means kids all over Kansas soon will be heading back to school (Parents rejoice!). During a recent meeting, KAC staffers started reminiscing about our younger days and decided to share our most adorable (and in some cases, embarrassing) photos and memories from our school days. Enjoy! Christie Appelhanz, vice president for public affairs … Read More

Honoring long-time board member Becky Holmquist

Long-time KAC board member Becky Holmquist is bringing her service as a board member with Kansas Action for Children to a close. Last Friday, she joined us for the last time. Because we have been privileged to have Becky as a member of the board for more than 16 years, we would like to honor her service and her dedication … Read More

Leadership training provides skills to tackle the tough challenges

By Christie Appelhanz Vice President for Public Affairs That Seth Godin quote about leadership sums it up for me: “How was your day? If your answer was ‘fine,’ then I don’t think you were leading.” I’m lucky enough to have figured out a way to get paid to do something that really matters. But leadership — at any level of … Read More

Remembering Larry J. Kane, 1948-2013

Kansas Action for Children had the pleasure of working with Larry J. Kane for 11 years. On March 24, KAC and Larry’s friends and family came together to remember him. We also unveiled a memorial art piece that hangs in KAC’s conference room. I had the privilege of working closely with Larry Kane from his first day of service as … Read More

Saying a lot with a little

Six words may not seem like a lot, but they have the power to tell a tremendous tale. The “six-word story” began when Earnest Hemmingway was once dared to write a story in just six words. He wrote, “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” Since then, people have used the six-word story to express quick yet meaningful thoughts. At KAC’s … Read More