Saying a lot with a little

Six words may not seem like a lot, but they have the power to tell a tremendous tale. The “six-word story” began when Earnest Hemmingway was once dared to write a story in just six words. He wrote, “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” Since then, people have used the six-word story to express quick yet meaningful thoughts. At KAC’s … Read More

Meet the KAC interns

By Sarah Bloxsom and Laura Fagen Sarah Bloxsom, master’s student in social work at Washburn University I am a lifelong Kansas resident. I grew up in rural Douglas County and attended Baldwin City Schools. I was taught strong work ethic and care for community throughout my childhood, however I had little experience with people that were not like me in … Read More

How to play the game

By Shannon Cotsoradis Kansas Action for Children President and CEO After experiencing several personal losses early in 2013 and realizing that a chapter in my life was about to come to an end, I decided to pick up my tennis racquet. Not unlike several of my colleagues, for many years I have struggled to balance motherhood and the demands of … Read More

We are thankful

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! KAC staffers share what they’re thankful for: Christie Appelhanz, vice president for public affairs: I’m thankful to have landed a job at the North Topeka Dairy Queen when I turned 16. It was a family-run business by Lee and Cathy Harrison and their six kids. All I ever really needed to know I learned at the DQ. … Read More

Guest post: Our work to expand Medicaid in Kansas isn’t finished

By Anna Lambertson Executive Director of the Kansas Health Consumer Coalition Disbelief. Anger. Recently, I joined a crowd of 250 people who packed an auditorium to hear a presentation by Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger. Listening quietly at first, the crowd quickly began to mutter in disbelief. Their jaws dropped as they heard the commissioner say that tens of thousands of … Read More

Saying goodbye

By Suzanne Wikle Seven years ago, I felt like the luckiest person in the work to land my dream job as director of health policy at Kansas Action for Children. I was lucky, not just because of the work, but mostly because of the people I’ve had the privilege to work with while at KAC. It’s been a great run, … Read More

KAC honored to be India Fest beneficiary

By Lauren Beatty, communications director This year, KAC was honored to be one of two beneficiaries of India Fest, a cultural celebration that’s been a Topeka tradition for 10 years. India Fest always draws a huge crowd to Gage Park, and this year was no exception. Hundreds of folks came out, despite the 90+ degree temperatures, to enjoy delicious Indian … Read More

KAC eats its vegetables

By Lauren Beatty Communications Director Think it’s hard to get your kids to eat their vegetables? Ha – that’s nothing. Try getting KAC Vice President Christie Appelhanz to do it. Christie is about as receptive to leafy greens as your average 5 year old. I’ve actually heard her utter the phrase “Vegetables? Yuck.” Me? Well, I’ve never met a veggie … Read More

Board members play a critical role in KAC’s advocacy efforts

By Christie Appelhanz Vice President for Public Affairs When Kansas Action for Children board members decided they wanted to take their commitment to Kansas kids to a new level, they created an advocacy task force. Who gets excited about a task force? I do – and apparently so did our board members. Ambitious recommendations were completed in about half the … Read More

Meet our ‘office mom’

By Lisa Owen, office manager You know the usual question when you meet someone new or run into someone you haven’t seen in years: “What do you do”? My response can get rather lengthy because while I work for Kansas Action for Children as an Office Manager, and that may sound pretty cut and dried, my duties are many, varied, … Read More