Child Care Changes Ahead

By Amanda Gress Director of Government Relations In 2014, Congress passed landmark legislation to improve and expand high-quality child care. It was a really big deal. Afterward, two national child policy experts came to Kansas to talk to stakeholders about the new law. They challenged us to “envision Kansas’ ideal child care system.” I remember writing that down and thinking, … Read More

Back to School: Nourishing Brains and Bellies

By Jake Frydman Outreach Specialist As Kansas children head back to school, they return to an environment designed to foster growth in their developing brains. Many kids, however, also look forward to the return of a different kind of nourishment that is far too often absent over the summer months. The kind of nourishment for growing bodies that comes from … Read More

Tax Policy, Budget Cuts Pose Health Risk to Kansas Children

By Amanda Gress Director of Government Relations Kansas policymakers’ refusal to revisit deep income tax cuts has once again harmed the health of Kansas children. In May, Governor Brownback announced a 4% reduction in reimbursement rates for KanCare, the state’s managed-care Medicaid program. These choices will ultimately make it more difficult for Kansas children covered by KanCare to go to … Read More

Welfare Restrictions vs. Reality: Why Kansas kids need a strong safety net

By Annie McKay KAC President & CEO Kansans are folks who respect hard work. Our “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” mentality grew from our deep pioneer roots. It is both a quintessentially Kansan value and the crux of the American Dream. Unfortunately, the notion that Kansans receiving help from the government do not work hard has become a common … Read More

No regrets.

By Shannon Cotsoradis KAC President & CEO   Few tasks are quite as daunting as writing a parting blog after nearly two decades at an organization. But on a recent visit to an early learning center in Seattle, I found my inspiration in a quote on the back of a bookmark that was a gift from one of the center’s … Read More

GUEST BLOG: Preschool funding

By John Schmader Retired brigadier general with the U.S. Army As a retired U.S. Army brigadier general, I know well about investments in our nation’s security. I think Gov. Sam Brownback’s proposed budget jeopardizes one of the most critical investments for our state and country’s future: early childhood education. In Kansas, seven out of 10 young adults ages 17 to … Read More

GUEST BLOG: Early education a national security issue

By William A. “Art” Bloomer Retired brigadier general with the U.S. Marine Corps The military is my life. For 31 years I served active duty in the Marines and have since continued to support our country’s national defense. Over the course of my career, I have flown more than 300 combat missions and participated in the operation to evacuate Saigon … Read More

Child care supports work

By Amanda Gress KAC Director of Research & Analysis Child care lays the foundation for a strong Kansas workforce. Every day, parents across Kansas begin their workday by dropping their children off at child care. Available and affordable child care means that parents can go to work and provide for their families. After all, it’s impossible for parents to work, … Read More

Child care is early education

By Amanda Gress KAC Director of Research & Analysis After decades of research concluding that early education makes a tremendous difference in a child’s life, individuals across the political spectrum finally acknowledge the importance of early education. Child care, on the other hand, is often viewed separately. People tend to mistake it for babysitting – a safe space for children while parents work. The … Read More