ACTION ALERT: Raising the bar, setting a deadline.

Did you hear the news?! 

Last week, the state Supreme Court ruled that support for Kansas public schools is unconstitutionally low and the legislature must increase funding by June 30th. This has KAC like:

Kansas’ premier early learning system cannot set the trajectory for a child’s life if K-12 schools lack the resources to build on the first five years of development. The ruling is a victory for us all. 

But the court’s decision underscores another critical problem: Kansas is broke. Everything we care about (early childhood and K-12 alike) remains at risk if Governor Brownback’s failed tax experiment continues.

Momentum for comprehensive tax reform is growing, but the court order changes the game because it raises the bar and sets a deadline. “Scraping by” every year is no longer acceptable. Lawmakers must now aim higher and restore Kansas’ dismal school funding levels with the urgency it deserves.

There are still several hurdles to clear. We have a lot to do as the legislature returns from their mid-session recess. Click here to help right now. The process could move very quickly, but we can have a big impact if we start taking action right now.

Your response to previous action alerts was remarkable. We can’t let up now, and we need your help (even if you’ve contacted your legislators before, they need to understand how important this is to you and that you’re still engaged).

Can you do it?

Good! Us too.

(One more time: take action here.)

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