KAC eats its vegetables

By Lauren Beatty Communications Director Think it’s hard to get your kids to eat their vegetables? Ha – that’s nothing. Try getting KAC Vice President Christie Appelhanz to do it. Christie is about as receptive to leafy greens as your average 5 year old. I’ve actually heard her utter the phrase “Vegetables? Yuck.” Me? Well, I’ve never met a veggie … Read More

Why data — not rank — matters

By Suzanne Wikle Senior Director of Policy and Research I have a confession: I love data. There’s a super nerdy part of my job dealing with data that comes around twice each year – the national KIDS COUNT report and the Kansas KIDS COUNT report. Today marks the release of national KIDS COUNT, published by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. … Read More

Who will stand up for Kansas children?

By Shannon Cotsoradis Kansas Action for Children President and CEO As the 2013 session of the Kansas Legislature came to a close, I was left wondering: Who will stand up for Kansas children? Knowing that the future of tobacco settlement dollars is unclear, the majority of legislators still chose to vote for a budget that raided another $9.5 million from … Read More

Board members play a critical role in KAC’s advocacy efforts

By Christie Appelhanz Vice President for Public Affairs When Kansas Action for Children board members decided they wanted to take their commitment to Kansas kids to a new level, they created an advocacy task force. Who gets excited about a task force? I do – and apparently so did our board members. Ambitious recommendations were completed in about half the … Read More

New reports demonstrate need for mid-level dental providers

By Suzanne Wikle Senior Director of Policy and Research Did you catch all that news last week about oral health policy? No? Don’t worry, that’s what I’m here for. Here’s the latest: One, there is even more research to support the use of mid-level dental providers as part of the oral health workforce. Community Catalyst released a report titled “Economic … Read More

Funding for children’s programs in limbo

By April Holman Executive Director of the Kansas Coalition for School Readiness It is the 80th day of the legislative session – the original goal for legislative adjournment. Things are quiet at the Kansas Statehouse as we look for signs that the end of the session is actually near. The conference committee on the budget has not met since lawmakers … Read More

Guest post: State of Emergency Declared for U.S. Preschool

By Lisa Klein For those of us working hard to provide more vulnerable young children with access to quality care and preschool programs, it was alarming to read the new report released from the National Institute for Early Education Research. The NIEER report found that although states are serving the same percentage of children as they did last year, their … Read More

Meet our ‘office mom’

By Lisa Owen, office manager You know the usual question when you meet someone new or run into someone you haven’t seen in years: “What do you do”? My response can get rather lengthy because while I work for Kansas Action for Children as an Office Manager, and that may sound pretty cut and dried, my duties are many, varied, … Read More

KanCare’s 90 day check-up

By Suzanne Wikle Senior Director of Policy and Research Today, KanCare celebrates its 90-day birthday, a critical milestone in the new Medicaid program. Critical because today marks the deadline for beneficiaries to switch from their assigned managed care organization (MCO) to another, if they so choose. It’s also a symbolic milestone, essentially marking the day when KanCare is no longer … Read More