High-Quality Early Learning and Development Opportunities Can Improve K-12 Education Outcomes

National leader in children’s health and former state lawmaker to join Kansas Action for Children

Kansas ranks 15th in latest national rankings for overall child well-being

KanCare provides more access to health coverage for rural communities than metro areas across Kansas

On 98th day of legislative session, lawmakers ask Kansas children to pay for failed tax policy

Gov. Sam Brownback proposes unnecessary $4 million sweep from Children’s Initiatives Fund in current fiscal year

McKay: Lawmakers must override Brownback veto of KanCare Expansion

KAC President and CEO Annie McKay urges the Kansas Senate to override governor’s veto

Gov. Sam Brownback launches 4th attempt to dismantle Children’s Initiatives Fund



Kansas 2016 KIDS COUNT report reveals critical importance of early investments

Latest proposal on school finance steals from early childhood, weakens safety net

Kansas has third largest drop in annual state rankings of child well-being

Kansas’ most critical infrastructure for children’s programs at risk

Kansas kids paying for failed tax policy

KAC President Shannon Cotsoradis: HOPE Act perpetuates cycle of poverty among Kansas children

Annie McKay named Kansas Action for Children President and CEO

KAC President and CEO Shannon Cotsoradis issues statement in response to Governor’s latest budget plan

KAC releases new report highlighting consequences of “HOPE” Act, impact on state safety net

More Kansas students beginning their day with breakfast

KAC President & CEO Shannon Cotsoradis responds to Governor’s claims of welfare reform success

Over 200 advocates, community and business leaders, and policymakers gather for  2016 Symposium for Early Success

Brownback budget recommends dismantling of Kansas’ early-childhood legacy

KAC President & CEO Shannon Cotsoradis issues statement in response to new mentoring program



Despite contradictory claims, $9 million sweep from Children’s Initiative Fund will affect current and future grants for children’s programs

Kansas Action for Children President & CEO Shannon Cotsoradis responds to yet another round of budget cuts, sweeps

New study shows Affordable Care Act helping Kansas improve health coverage for kids, but state missing opportunities for progress

Kansas 2015 KIDS COUNT report reveals troubling  long-term trends for state’s youngest children

Online toolkit encourages Kansans to help children learn healthy habits for life

Grant opportunity offers Kansas schools support to reduce child hunger

KAC President responds to latest round of budget cuts

2015 KIDS COUNT Data Book released

Fiscal Year 2015 ends, taking Kansas Endowment for Youth Fund with it

Kansas Action for Children responds to Senate passage of TANF “fix”

Efforts underway to improve participation in School Breakfast Program



New report calls for coordinated approach to connect low-income families with tools to achieve stability

Kansas KIDS COUNT report shows marked decrease in timely immunizations

25th Edition of KIDS COUNT Data Book Shows Kansas Worsens in All Economic Indicators

Governor vetoes $5 million sweep of funds for Kansas children

Legislature votes to sweep $5 million from early childhood programs

Community eligibility to help high-poverty Kansas schools prevent hunger in the classroom

Legislators take first step toward reducing preventable child deaths in Kansas

Transparency Denied: What We Still Don’t Know About the Tobacco Arbitration Settlement

Low reading scores show majority of Kansas children not prepared for future success

Make a healthy start in the New Year: Take the Soda-Free Sundays pledge



As childhood poverty rate continues to climb, fewer families able to access safety-net

Report shows critical investments needed for children from birth to age 8

Kansas children would benefit from plan to expand early education with tobacco cost increase, new report shows

KIDS COUNT report shows Kansas governor’s vision for reduced childhood poverty not yet realized

Attorney General releases details of tobacco arbitration

Governor proposes raiding children’s fund to help pay for tax cuts



Roadblocks to recovery: KIDS COUNT report suggests policy changes might hinder working families in Kansas

Kansas ranks 30th in nation for uninsured kids

Kansas receives $56 million in tobacco settlement monies

Number of children living in high-poverty communities surges 229 percent in 10 years

Children shortchanged in governor’s budget



Kansas KIDS COUNT report shows recession’s effect on children

New report shows increase in number of uninsured kids in Kansas

Healthy kids. Strong families. A better Kansas: HealthWave insurance available for little to no cost

2011 KIDS COUNT Data Book Shows Kansas Losing Ground: Nearly 1 in 5 Children Living in Poverty