2016 Policy Priorities

This year's legislative session will be a pivotal time for Kansas children and families. KAC will be focused on important policy issues that improve the lives of children today and help shape better futures for tomorrow. Read our 2016 policy priorities here.

2016 Policy Priorities

Save the Children’s Initiatives Fund

Governor Sam Brownback's budget recommendation to dismantle the Children's Initiatives Fund would undo one of Kansas’ most innovative and forward-thinking legacies. Join our campaign to #SaveTheCIF today.

Portrait of a group of children making a human pyramid

High-Quality Child Care and ROI

Meet Jack! Study after study proves that a child’s earliest environments can set the trajectory for an entire life, and high-quality child care could be Kansas’ most impactful return on investment.

 Meet Jack!

Think Big! Start Small.

Download our online toolkit to help Kansas children learn healthy habits for life! Read more.

 Think Big Start Small

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